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Is it NOT the Hypocracy of all Hypocracies that the Cretins are telling us that Cow Farts and all that other Bullshit about CO2 are going to kill us because a rise in CO2 kills the planet ! Meanwhile they had us all masked up and rebreathing our own Waste …”Toxic” CO2… cannot make this up !

……………..Pass this one on to your maskaholic “friends”………….

It seems like the hits just won’t stop for masks lately. The Daily Mail UK ran an explosive story yesterday headlined, “EXCLUSIVE: Face Masks May Raise Risk of Stillbirths, Testicular Dysfunction and Cognitive Decline Due to Build-Up of Carbon Dioxide, Study Warns.”

A new German study published in the Journal Heliyon concluded that because masks create a pocket of dead space between the mouth and mask, the void traps carbon dioxide, at levels that are mildly toxic when worn over long periods. According to the researchers, repeated exposure can raise the risk of a long list of serious problems including stillbirths, low sperm production, cognitive impairment, and permanent mental declines in children.

The study explained that for comparison, fresh air has around 0.04% CO?, while wearing masks for more than 5 minutes causes chronic exposure to carbon dioxide of between 1.41% to 3.2% of mask-filtered air.

To put it in terms leftists can understand: masks create little individual, personal climate change spaces.

Another way to look at these results is, for men, long term masking is equivalent to punching themselves right in the family jewels, over and over and over.

The researchers identified the shocking health risks by rounding up a large number of other studies. For example, one study cited by the German researchers found that just 0.3% of prolonged CO? exposure to pregnant rats and young mice caused permanent brain damage, heightened anxiety levels and memory problems. Another study found male mice exposed to 2.5% of CO? for four hours — equal to 0.5% in humans — led to destruction of testicle cells and sperm. A third study found that 3% of CO? (equal to 0.8% in humans) in pregnant rats led to stillbirth and birth defects.

A fourth study found that exposure to just 0.48% of CO? for just 10 minutes daily for 20 consecutive days in pregnant guinea pigs led to stillbirth and birth defects in 68% of the pups.

The academic evidence linking lower fertility and slightly increased CO? rates was so strong that the German researchers opined: “Circumstantial evidence exists that popular mask use may be related to current observations of a significant rise of 28 percent to 33 percent in stillbirths worldwide.”

Think of it. What if mandatory masking policies literally decimated an entire generation?

The study didn’t mention long covid, but their results are remarkably consistent with the last mask study I reported, which concluded that long covid symptoms might actually be “long mask” syndrome, which they dubbed MIES, or “mask-induced exhaustion syndrome.”

More and more, it’s looking like mandatory mask policies were not just harmless nuisances but may actually have been profoundly harmful.

Here’s the link to the new German study.

Here’s the link to the previous study linking masks to long covid.

Feel free to trigger hardcore mask lovers by sending both studies to them. It’s for their own good.