Any Way You Slice it…This is NO Fringe Group here Castreau

From the original Global News Article

1..”As far as political inclinations go, the polling showed 59 per cent of Conservative voters agree with the frustration expressed by the convoy protesters, while 44 per cent of Bloc, 43 per cent of NDP and 30 per cent of Liberal voters are aligned with the view that the convoy protesters deserve sympathy.”

2…”But Bricker said it’s less about partisanship and more about generation and social class.

Those aged 18 to 34 who sympathize with the truck convoy protesters are at 61 per cent, while those aged 35 to 54 are 44 per cent and those 55 and older are much less likely to agree, and are at 37 per cent.”

3…….“Regionally, those in Alberta (58%) and Saskatchewan and Manitoba (58%) are most likely to align with this argument, while a sizeable minority in Quebec (47%), Ontario (44%), Atlantic Canada (43%), and British Columbia (36%) agree,


The polling shows that despite intense slanted coverage from the mainstream press, nearly half of Canadians have sympathy for the movement’s cause, while young people have strong support for the Freedom Convoy’s concerns.

Meanwhile Trending Politics ( where this article was posted) has a poll

More people responded to this poll than were surveyed by Ipsos