You cannot create a vaccine against airborn respiratory pathogens . It is not Improbable..It is Impossible

So Says the Cat Man


“vaccines are not magic.
they cannot do or elicit that which your body cannot do.

they do not kill or stop or even affect viruses.

all vaccines do is train your immune system to recognize a pathogen and learn a response to prevent it from infecting you.

you store the information on how to make antibodies and how to trigger T-cells etc.

but ALL the vaccines that really do stop you from contracting and spreading diseases have one thing in common:

they work on a “one and done” virus that does not mutate.

measles, smallpox, chicken pox, mumps, rubella, these are all diseases where you get them once and (barring extreme immune suppression or rare malfunction) you never get them again.

The above Snip is all you need to know and knowing this you probably know far more than any Public health “Chief Witch Doctor ( and even more than your family Doctor too)

…but the article is full of interesting and enlightening info….