… these gain-of-function (GoF), lab-leak, directed-evolution, dual-use-research-of-concern (DURC) analyses are built on the false premise that Covid-19 was and is a pandemic. Covid-19 was never and is not now a pandemic.

Covid-19 is a psychological and biochemical warfare program designed and executed to bypass Constitutional crises at the nation-state level and clear the path for global biomedical totalitarianism.

…would-be gain-of-function killers (Ralph Baric, Anthony Fauci, Peter Daszak, Bill Gates and their co-conspirators) …… all their mass murder eggs are now in the one basket of directly injecting biochemical poisons, and genetic instructions for the body’s own cells to produce biochemical toxins, and using fear to keep people from understanding what they’re submitting to when they accept lethal injections. And the bodies can be dispersed across wide geographic regions and across time, hidden in miscarriages, stillbirths and permanent infertility, long-term disability, chronic disease, and sudden, unexplained deaths that happen behind closed doors in private homes.