In view of K2’s post Lets talk about this

Personally I think more euthanasia is welcomed

How come we can assist our pets but we cannot assist our relatives

Um No…I am not advocating euthanizing your triple vaxxed kids and other relatives

even though a case can be made they are mentally ill .

But after all if we believe in personal choice I think we would be hypocrites if we denied a person the ultimate choice !

I had a close Uncle ..Uncle Ernie.

Had all his marbles at 87 but got cancer and his wife (of 65 years) had azhiemers and was in a home

So he petitioned for MAID ( Medically Assisted Induced Death )

Now there’s a drug that BETTER have 100% “efficacy” eh Tony ?

Come to think of it Thats what the vaccines seem to be for ( in slow motion )

Anyhow this thread is a place to voice you opinion on this Topic ..Probably gonna get “spirited”

Weirdest thing ever …Uncle Ernie Called me about a day or so before he had his “appointment” .

We just chatted but he didn’t say anything about the choice he had made . Just talked about his grand kids and golf .

Next thing you know his daughter calls and said he’s gone…here is the essence of that conversation

FGC>>>Now way….what happened ?…

COUSIN He requested ( a) maid..

FGC>>>>The maid killed him ?

COUSIN ( She’s a physician )….No he scheduled his assisted suicide !

FGC.>>>NO WAY…you can do that now ?

COUSIN…Yes its been available for a few years. You need to Qualify …2 Doctors have to grant the MAID

FGC>>> I’M in schock

COUSIN …You mean he didnt tell you …he said he would call some people.

FCG>>He called but not to say goodbye

Cousin….He pissed me off to the end…They fast tracked his request and he only waited 1 week from that decision

FGC>>>> Must have been SOME week ! If it were me I would rather this instant

COUSIN…and he “booked” it on a day I was working and told me to keep working.

You wait all day for the call.


FGC>>> whens the funeral

Cousin ..Tommorrow …limit 10 people masks


There may come a time when you would appreciate the opportunity to skip today and tomorrow

Last thing….My Mom passed at 91..five years ago…

For her last 5 years she was in mental decline and ANGUISH

I took her for rides and stuff and she often said…help me to go “there”

where ?

You know “there” ! I don’t want to be “here” any more.

I can’t mom…I’ll go to jail

I won’t tell anyone

I guess not I laughed 🙂

She meant it…she knew things were about to get dark.

And they did !

They had to lock her up in a place I can only describe as ONE FLEW OVER THE CUKOO’S NEST

No word of exaggeration here …what I am about to describe.

You enter thru a locked door and there you are.

A huge common area filled with people…many younger than I …And all in bad shape mentally

One guy was banging his head on the wall . A lady was throwing he food at her son.

There were screams coming from the room they were escorting me to bring her “belongings”

They told me Mom’s roomate would likely stop screaming in an hour or two

Anyhow …We visited once a week and watched her get violent and look terrified all day …no body home….but the sheer terror and anger .

NO WAY FOR MY MOM TO DIE ! She was loved….litterally…by everybody .

SO …I wish I could have helped her to go I asked…but they said no ( There was no MAID at that time)….Her Brother Ernie was able to get it done….MAID his own decision… because he had a full mind.

Pretty amazing decision

Any way