Did your money manger make you 35% in the last 12 months ?

If not…take control of your own portfolio ( at least a portion) and follow the Spock Global Matrix.

Its a Global economy and You can invest Globally through ETFs . There is an ETF for Everything !

Spock has refined his Matrix to highlight many different sectors and opportunities in these sectors

Green means Go , Red means No …white means watch.

These gains are real and they were made largely with no leverage and very little risk.

The Matrix lets the winners run and cuts the losers fast.

How it works


Present Positions and 1 year results + 40%


Spock wanted to show what this System can do for 1 year and it has been available free for this time.

I hope you availed yourselves of this system during this show and tell period.

Take control of Your investments , Follow the Leader …Spock Global.

Soon to be Membership based.

$495 for 6 months $895 for a full year. $100 DISCOUNT for Spock Miner Matrix Members upon request.

How much do you pay your “advisor” and how much control over your own portfolio do you exercise ?

Think about it.

Its a Big World out there.

Fully the Promo guy.

Note: the first 6 months saw 32% gains …that last 6 months Spock took a period off trading while he researched

all the ETFs in the Matrix to consider liquidity and safety and other factors. So these results were actually almost

double what they show for the full year.