There are Concerns from Both Sides that the Variants will become more Deadly

The Cretins are warning via the media.. this to create panic
AND are Blaming the Unvaxxed…all the while admitting Delta is equally infects Both vaxxed and Unvaxxed.

The Good Guys (Vanden Bosche Malone and others ) are Warning It’s Because of the Vaccines putting pressure on the virus causing super antibody resistant strains
They seem to be saying these will be deadly to both vaxxed and Unvaxxed and that even will elude Natural Immunity

Geez….I sure hope this scenario does not materialize.

It’s the Doomsday Scenario

So We watch UK

So far the Delta Case Wave seems to have already peaked (Straight up and Straight Down)

With NO Delta Death Wave.

Now we watch the US as it entered the Delta Waves a week or 2 after the UK.

What if everybody has it wrong and it’s now just a common cold bug ?

Meanwhile…Just in case they are right. I have a shit load of Vitamins and Minerals

Some I never heard of until we started to research Preventatives and treatments here at the Tent

I’m taking stuff like Vit D Vit C Zinc Quercetin …to boost immune system

And now Nattokinase Glutathione and NAC …. Antioxidants and Clot Busters

Considering Nicotine Losenges and Resveratrol

Maybe just start smoking and drinking wine again 🙂

Got some IVM and HVQ just in case ( not taking them yet)

Also a nebulized for Hydrogen Peroxide ( Mercola)

Jeez…If I am taking all this shit for the long term wonder what happens

I live forever ? Or Die of Overdose ?