In an MMT world there are NO limits to Debt….because the government debt is the peoples asset.
Debt does NOT have to be repaid ,because it was just created out of thin air.

So there is NO limit to debt.

Except if and where there is FULL employment …then they need to reign the debt back in by taxation…to prevent inflation.

I am not Saying I agree nor disagree with this concept as it has never been tried is a theory… Modern Monetary Theory .

And we are going to find out if it is “sound” because when it comes to Hundreds of Trillions of Dollars …there is no thought or effort to pay it back.

…Pay it back to whom would be the question …because Nobody worked for it…Nobody suffers if it is not paid back .

Get Over IT…this is where we are.

The old paradigm where government debt must be repaid is dead if it ever existed .

It doesn’t even have to be financed by selling bonds or collecting taxes….It is a mirage…

Time for us all to wrap our heads around this …This is real …Create money with a mouse click and it’s now in the Bank ( Fed or Treasury)

Give it away or spend it to pay for infrastructure or whatever….the citizens benefit…

The economy turns this money over and we all benefit… the Government “debt” escalates to unknow levels and It DOES NOT MATTER.

IT ACTUALLY NEVER MATTERED…when was the last time Government debt was paid back ?