The Conclusion of Boom Finances Piece Today is a powerful reminder of how fortunate we have been and how precious and rare our circumstances have been

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Democracy and Freedom are very rare circumstances in human history. We must all become acutely aware of the very real threats that are arising.

We must all decide to stand for Freedom and Democracy against Totalitarianism, for our Nations against NGOs (unelected Non Government Organisations), for our National Currencies and for our Universal Rights. If we don’t, then our enslavement in a Totalitarian dictatorship is guaranteed.

History shows us that Totalitarian power inevitably results in tyranny and torture. If we don’t do this as individuals, then governments, banks and the mainstream media will assume greater and greater power over us, our children and our grand children.

They took absolute control during the Covid Fear Demic and stated “we act for the greater good”, “we act to keep you safe”, “nobody is safe until everybody is safe”. They assumed power over and above the Universally accepted Declaration for Human Rights. Beware. Our governments, our banks and our mainstream media were all involved.

And let’s not forget, the ultimate aim and outcome of tyranny is slavery. Our planet’s history is littered with examples of battles won against slavery. It is the universal battle that we must all fight against and which we must win