This is from an email I received from a Long Time Goldtent reader who knows a thing or two about what is going on . He shall remain anonymous but his words are enlightening to say the least . I really appreciate his perspective which comes from Real Experience . Thanks a ton my friend .


Thanks for that recent post Gary.

Referencing your commentary and comment: “I have been searching for a positive point of view …just ONE will do…but alas there are NONE”

It caught my attention and I agree with you. The entire blogosphere has gone nuts with doom and gloom lately. I used to listen to a guy called Mike Adams because he was often amusing while delivering the daily news. But lately he has turned so pessimistic he is not listenable any longer.

The guy is doing the exact same thing that everyone accused Neil Ferguson of doing. Neil was that British researcher at Imperial College of London whose computer program forecast millions of Covid deaths based on a simple repeating growth pattern.

That is to say he was projecting some bits of current bad news out into infinity without consideration for any variables that might impede that exponential growth. There is a word for it but I can’t recall it right now. It’s pure linear logic though and very flawed. If it worked we would see gold prices (for example) rise endlessly once an up move began and it would keep going up until gold was millions of dollars per ounce.

Chartists know real life is not like that.

Smart chartists can therefore take comfort in knowing that even bad news trends (such as those that are now overwhelming the masses), will surely pause and reverse along their path. Just as price destinations that might appear inevitable are often never reached, news flows work the same way. They reverse and/or pause to build more energy to keep rising or they consolidate around a position before changing direction. EG…..they go back down.

There is an ebb and flow to everything. As keen observers of cycle behavior on charts we chartists are (or should be) among the most adept people at spotting inconsistancies in the group-think of the herd.

In any event we need not spend a lot of time fretting. The World Economic Forum appears to still have a tight grip on the current narrative. And they are the most professional bullshitters on planet Earth.

How so?
Well they sold us on the existance of a virus that has never even been isolated. Apparently it only exists on a computer screen. But nobody has a copy in their lab and there are no samples to be cultivated. We bought up the lie anyway.

Then they gave us a test called the PCR that does not even test for the virus. Pure genius. A test for a virus that has not been isolated. A test that is factually giving false positives almost all the time and all its results are meaningless since its useless for testing Corona anyway.

Then they sold us on masks that are a complete waste of time. And social distancing.
Then they invited us to take a vaccine that is neither effective nor does it offer immunity.
Fake…Fake….Fake…Fake….Fake!!!! All Fake.

Now we have a fake war in Ukraine. Fake war news, Fake casualties, fake bombs, fake reporting and fake threats of the end of the World as we know it. All led by a fake president who uses a fake White House stage. Too Amazing For Words.

And now we are supposed to believe that a nuclear war will be real. And WWIII is just around the corner. Global famine is on the doorsteps. A new bio plagie is coming too. Fool me once…fool me twice….I tell you brother Gary, I am not losing sleep over any of this anymore. Nor am I losing sleep over the threat that the internet will be taken down making the Corona plague look like a dogs walk in the park.

Because that will be faked too. All of it is bullshit. LOL.

Maybe we see a selective outage here and there. Like in New York or in London or in one of the WEF’s operations many cooperative sites. And that selective outage will be broadcast worldwide to strike maximum fear in everyone. All the while the people will be so mesmerized by the news of internet outages they will fail to appreciate they are watching it all unfold via the internet itself.

Yes, people have turned that stupid that they won’t figure it out.

But the WEF has about as many plans to shut down the internet as they do to admit defeat and walk away from this agenda. The reason is that they NEED the internet or they are out of business. Lets not forget that what is happening in this world is a massive media and propaganda war. It is a war being fought by very few people at the top directing information flows to masses of people in the billions. They NEED the lines of communication to stay open. Round the clock….Like 24/7.

Without control over information flows there is no more story and no more control.

They need everything to keep working in other words. So breathe easy. The news will keep coming. The internet will keep spewing forth ominous warnings of doom and gloom and our mobile phones will never go off (unless Putin really does push the button). There won’t be any nuclear exchange (although I would not rule out the use of a tactical nuke for maximum fear efffect). And there won’t be any new virus released. The people who will be dying in the future will be the ones who already got vaxxed. Those guys can die of the common cold once their immunity is low enough. No small pox needed or required.

Just remember this….everything is being stage managed. So stay positive. The world is not ending after all. It will just feel like it when you are surrounded by hundreds and thousands of chicken littles with their little heads coming off.


I agree with you that the alternative media is doing a great disservice to us right now by parroting the main stream media message of doom and gloom. The same thing was happening at the beginning of the corona virus scare if you recall. Months later some of the most vocal pushers of fear in the Alt media began to reverse themselves and eventually they sheepishly took the other side of the trade.

That was when we started to get balance back in reporting.

For the moment though the alt-media is doing a great job of the heavy lifting in the creation of maximum anxiety and insecurity. They are the useful idiots I am sorry to say. Few of them even question the fact or seem aware that they are all on the same side of the narrative as the main-stream media fear-pushers.

And just as in trading, when everyone is crowded onto the same side of the rowboat they all end up getting wet together when the boat rolls over. Martin Armstrong should know better. He is human of course. And as a result he has made one of the most fundamental errors of trading. He has gone along with the majority in the trend. So he will be wrong. Markets never fail in this regard by punishing the majority. The rule is so basic I am shocked he failed to see it.

For the moment we are being herded like Lemmings off a cliff. Be careful who you listen too. Momentum is certainly on the side of the fear purveyors right now and it is designed to cause us to behave in certain ways that will be very damaging if its not dealt with by more rational minds.

The chronic buzz about food shortages are leading to hoarding for example. China has reportedly already bought up the majority of the worlds corn contracts giving them an 18 month buffer while they stockpile as much as 65% of the globes most valuable crop for their own people. That means someone else will not eat.

But should those in wealthy rich countries have any real fear? Of course not. The rich always eat. The people who will suffer are the poor and in this case a self fulfilling prophecy is going to come about as the wealthy hoard food to the detriment of the worlds poor who simply cannot compete for a resource that is being deliberately driven to scarcity.

Let me give you an example to make this point abundantly clear. In Kenya which is one of Africa’s most developed nations, the countries tax department recently published a statistic on the nations incomes that was frankly shocking. They reported that fewer than 80,000 citizens in the nation were earning more than 100,000 shillings per month during 2021. A hundred thousand shillings is roughly a thousand US dollars. This is in a country of more than 50 million people! Imagine how much worse off are the poorer African nations when one of the more developed of the countries has a mere 2.9% of the workforce earning a measly thousand bucks a month?

So how poor is Kenya in real terms? Well we don’t have to think very hard to appreciate what it means when such a tiny fraction of the population earns such a pathetically low amount of money. Read the linked article for yourself if you doubt me. And then ask yourself who is going to get hurt by the sharp rise in commodity prices being driven by the war in Ukraine. I am sickened by what is happening.

Only 80,000 Kenyas Earn 100 Thousand Shillings or Above each Month
Report source comes from the KRA (Kenya Tax Authority)

Only 80,000 Kenyans earn Sh. 100,000 and above monthly

And before we start listening to the retards who are trying to place Mr Putin on the stage as the man who will slay the New World Order and cut of the head of the Satanic snake we need to ask ourselves how it makes any sense that one of his first actions after the invasion of Ukraine was to block grain exports to the developing world. Putin is the new Donald Trump of course. He is the new saviour. LOL….I have my doubts.

What he has done is totally inconsistent with his being the savior of the world. The majority of grains and food oils from Ukraine and Russia are normally exported to Africa. That is who will starve as a result. Yet we are to believe that Putins retaliation against the US and Europe for sanctions is to cut off fertilizer and food to the developing world?

Excuse me? How does creating a famine among the most poor hurt the wealthy countries who have an unlimited ability to print money and shop up all the remaining food supplies? Other than causing inflation in prices there won’t be any real impact. But what sane person starves a few hundred million of his own customers in order to impose inflation on the rich?

I hope my complaint reaches the ears of someone with the authority to head off the disaster that is clearly coming. This incredibly dangerous game is going to end in serious harm among people who are not even involved and had no interest in the political contests over a chunk of land disputed by Russia and Nato. Africans are not part of the war but it looks to me that they will be paying the heaviest price as food costs soar out of their reach. What an incredibly sad state of affairs. And this is the kind of equity that the World Economic Forum and the UN wants to deliver the world?

Lord, Lord…..Save us from ourselves!

Klaus Schwab needs to give his rusty head a vigorous shake. His agency’s program to destabilize the most vulnerable on the planet needs to be closely examined for it is beyond reprehensible, cynical and harmful. I would ask anyone supporting this war agenda in Ukraine to think very hard about what it really means before getting on board and promoting even more fear that is clearly just the flavour of the day to push the entire herd in one single direction.