Hello Subway Stacker

I took a trip to Deepest darkest Downtown Toronto today.

I drove to and took the Subway from its terminus.

First time on the subway in 40 years.

Its real nice.

There were just a few people in my car. I noticed one fellow about my age with a bag on his lap and he was counting coins in several vials. I heard him utter something as he continued to crack open the vials and count the shiny large coins.

I had to go over at risk of scaring him and tell him I was a goldbug and had once been a stacker too.

We had a great conversation. he has collected coins since childhood. Now buys and sells. I invited him to Goldtent. he was excited. he didn’t know another soul with his passion for Precious metals

We talked a lot about miners. He mentioned Franco Nevada and Barkerville amongst others.

Subway Stacker if you are reading contact me gmag@live.ca and I will set you up with access to post and or comment.

The Coins?…They were Uncirculated mint condition Pre 1965 Canadian Half Dollars…each worth about $6.50 today.


What is QE ? (by Chris D. in Gold Eagle) QE is not printing.

Never has been. QE’s main beneficiaries are a group of 22 primary dealers, which borrow direct from the FED at essentially interest free rate to use for buying Treasuries. If the Treasury market was allowed to fail all payments from the government would have to stop. The bankers know that, thus the banks who make money from money, sell to the FED what they can’t sell at the private market to the FED at the original cost of purchase and get paid with low interest loans to buy Treasury debt with. It’s basically a swap that has to be settled at a future date. Right now almost all banks who take in individual savings deposits sent those deposits to the FED for Treasury securities that now get used as collateral in our fractional loan making system. Treasuries are now used for what individual savings at one time were used for. In this way everything we the people own and have a mortgage on is now also collateral for our Treasury debt. About 60% of the QE money has been channeled into mortgage backed securities.

All this talk about QE inflation is wrong. QE debt creation is not money printing. An IOU is not cash money. The reason QE benefits the rich is because the rich make money from money, and the poor who don’t have any money, have no way of making money from money. Thus the growing disparity in income that is chocking our ability to advance. Ahead of us is what in my mind is called stagflation. Everything fiat will become worth more as everything physical is worth less. Gold is showing that. Gold will go much lower in the years ahead, for it is tied to the fiat script called US$’s.

QE is essentially an increase in the supply of credit to buy debt with. The FED is doing what most corporations are doing. Basically it is using credit to buy debt and store it off balance sheet. Lets use IBM as an example. They borrowed a lot of credit and used the credit to buy their shares to increase the earnings per share. Bank debt is not accounted for in the EPS. CHK is another example of that. They had to sell their almost best to SWN. The bullshit accounting Enron used is alive and well. The stock market is up because credit is being leveraged. 3/4 of the people in the USA don’t own stocks, thus can’t benefit from it. Truth be told they don’t trust the stock market ponzi scheme. You can only shaft people so many times and then they stay away for good. The fact is, the cash money stock in the USA is falling. People are using credit cards to buy a subway sandwich. For QE to be inflationary, the cash money stock has to increase not decrease. The only reason the stock market is high is because there is a lot of debt supporting it. Take that away and it will crash just like it did in 1929. And that is ahead of us. ”