I follow Nobel Prize winning Stanford Professor Michael Levitt on Twitter.

He and others he has reposted shared this data. It may come to no surprise that it looks like Israel how now stopped sharing this data which people used to compose these:

Above, notice that about the same number that are vaccinated are infected. The data out of Israel is showing that the vaccine is not preventing infection.

Now the interesting part… we hear how effective the vaccines are at preventing serious illness from Covid. Well…. a little but not much!

Now to Britain.

25 percent of new cases had vaccination at the beginning of July.

Now vaccinated are 47% of new cases.

What’s this show? Probably waning immunity from vaccines… Needed boosters into infinity and beyond?

And back to Israel. Since vaccines appear to be waning in effectiveness what about natural immunity from people that got the virus? Doesn’t seem to be occurring in those naturally immune according to this important person in Israel:

We’ve all seen the studies out of the Cleveland clinic showing natural immunity is very good.

-People with SARS Cov-1 still immune with natural antibodies 17 years later!

Natural immunity… who’d a thunk it? BETTER…