Apart from a handful of promoted “stories”, within the junior metals sector, the despondency is palpable. This often marks major lows, and therefore buying opportunities. However, most are either already fully committed or unwilling to stray outside the group consensus, for fear of being an individual in a sea of chaos, and then having to face that reality and then deal with it. And therein lies the opportunity … something new.

It became very clear to me at the last PDAC event in Toronto that something new is needed to bridge the gap between the the old legacy ideas and the new younger investors, the latter having little to no interest generally in the junior metals sector. The evidence for this was clear at PDAC where it was difficult to spot anybody under 30 years of age, and the only females under that age observed where receptionists and secretaries. Middle aged and older males predominated. Meanwhile, down the road was a blockchain crypto event, and it was standing room only, most in there 20s.

More recently, last week, there was a junior mining conference in Vancouver. A colleague of mine attended and it was dead. 100 exhibitors and next to no visitors apart from some older die-hard gold bugs. Meanwhile, there was a consensus crypto event in New York, last week, to which another colleague attended, and it was a full house.

So the question is, what does the market want? Red hats or blue hats? The answer is clear.

So here is something new: https://canamexgold.com/goldusa/ which I believe will help address the markets appetite for blue hats, not red hats, going forward. There has been a lot of interest since it launched last week, and its trending now on several social media sites. This is the future, to be understood and embraced, in order for most in the sector, to not only survive, but prosper. The STO universe should explode over the next few years, to be much larger than the ICO universe even by 2020….and certainly much more interesting to younger investors, than junior metals stocks whose management are relying on legacy thinking and the traditional ways of doing business.

I thought this music video perfectly describes whats needed in the sector generally: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCH9gClZprM

Spock 😉