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Looks like nothing has changed in a 100 years….

“Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.” – Albert Einstein

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”– Albert Einstein

I live BC. Came to Canada from Germany in 1968. I am 78 and this is my 3rd Pandemic and the least lethal one and yet the whole world goes hysterical. I believe the cure is worse than the disease. Like Knut Wittkowski said, quarantine the old and sick for 4-6 weeks and keep the rest open so the young and healthy one can get “herd immunity”. That’s the way it was done in the past.

When you consider that the world population has doubled from 1957, then this covid virus would have to kill 4 million to compare it to 1957 or at least 2 million compared to 1968…and so far 350k have died world wide….but all we get is this fear mongering in the media and from governments that millions will die if we don’t lock our self up in our homes. Even in Italy only 0.8 of the covid deaths were healthy people under 50. In Germany it was 0.4. So 99% of the people who died are older (over 50?) and had 1-3 additional illnesses.

7000 died in Canada of the Flu virus in 1957, this would be the equivalent of 14,000 today.

I barely remember the flu pandemic in 1957, I was 15 then and people talked about a “flu” going around but I didn’t even knew what a flu was. In 1968-69 I was living in Vancouver. We read it in the newspaper and heard it on the evening news. Life just went on as normal, there were no such things as face masks, sanitizers or social distancing. Nobody I knew or worked with got it.
Even in the most deadly Pandemic in 1918-19 neither side of my parents knew of anybody in our extended family who got it.

I am healthy and active and not afraid of this virus, bring it on so I can become immune to it. And I will not take the vaccine if and when it comes out. If I die of the virus then it was my time to go.

Keep up the good fight Fully!!

Cheers, and be well my friend


In 1957, an outbreak of an H2N2 virus occurred in southern China, and spread swiftly around the world. The virus featured both a hemagglutinin and a neuraminidase protein previously unseen in humans. The 1957 outbreak also marked the first time a vaccine was prepared for a pandemic. The Asian flu led to an estimated 1–2 million deaths worldwide, some 7,000 of which occurred in Canada.
The Hong Kong influenza pandemic began in 1968 in Southeast Asia. It was dubbed the “Hong Kong flu” as the outbreak there was the first to garner the attention of Western media. Caused by an H3N2 subtype, the virus had the same neuraminidase protein as the 1957 pandemic virus, but a different hemagglutinin protein. As a result, the virus’s impact varied depending on the region, as certain people were immune to at least part of the virus.The Hong Kong flu caused some 1–4 million deaths worldwide.


Thank you Wolfgang….another Voice of Reason in a Cacophony of Hysteria