Here’s a web page which shows which cities’ mayors have participated in the “Global Covenant of Mayors” where committed mayors and local governments – in alliance with partners – accelerate, ambitious, measurable climate and energy initiatives that lead to a low-emission and climate-resilient future. (<- taken from their web site).

In the above link, under the “Country” tab, select Canada, and you will find 62 mayors of many cities who have already signed on to this. So it is the mayors who push the climate change agenda onto the citizens of the cities. We have to oppose this through speaking up at city council meetings in person or through zoom, and oppose the smart city agenda to comply with the climate change proposals pushed through by the mayors.

Of course, the mayors take a global covenant, as is reflected in the above web site name, and the “Geneva Declaration of Mayors” which participating mayors sign on to here:

Once the mayors are signed up, they are then brainwashed, as all the young global leaders were by the WEF, via re-education training provided here:

The above website provides the blueprint of how to change a city into a smart city installing data monitoring and collecting mechanisms to get it to comply with Agenda 2030. Explore the above website and examine the wording of the agenda’s proposed.  Again, this is a push from the top down, but we have to oppose it from the bottom up at the municipal level at our local city committee meetings. Inform people in your city and get them to show up when the issues appear on your city council meeting agendas to oppose them. It has worked in other places already.