I posted this chart a while back and of course received many polite comments to the effect…NO WAY FULLY !

Since there is not much going on right now in Gold…I am posting it again and asking …Why Not ?

Believe me as a closet goldbug ( yes back in the closet) I am not hoping for this scenario as by the time we have lift off I may very well forget what I was waiting for

BUT you have to admit its a really good fractal.

$1900 in 2011 Gold was a parabola…just as was $800 Gold in 1980.

If nothing else…put yourself back in 1985…How old were you..what were you doing ? How much did you follow Gold back in 85. If you rode the great parabola and held on were you ready 6 years after that blowoff for another moonshot ? Did you or would you have held your PHYS and Mining stocks for another 15 years ! ?

There’s a whole generation of people who got caught up in the end of the world hype in the late 70s who bought gold and died well before the next great Bull of the noughties ! Left their stash to their heirs who no doubt sold it all.


Shoot the messenger if you like. I would like to hear everybody’s take.

1985 Song of the Year

See Y’all in 2033