Oh darn !

Health Canada also listed the ingredients in the vaccine, which are as follows:

Medicinal ingredient:

mRNA ( Pretty Sure I am allergic to mrna)

Non-medicinal ingredients:

ALC-0315 = ((4-hydroxybutyl)azanediyl)bis(hexane-6,1-diyl)bis(2-hexyldecanoate ( Pretty sure everybody knows what this is right ?

ALC-0159 = 2-[(polyethylene glycol)-2000]-N,N-ditetradecylacetamide ( Yep I once had a bad rash after drinking some of this

cholesterol (WTF…My doctor put me on a pill because i Got too much of this and now You are giving me more ?)
dibasic sodium phosphate dihydrate
monobasic potassium phosphate (Fertilizers ? )
potassium chloride ( More fertilizer ? Thats Bull Shit )
sodium chloride ( I thought salt is bad for you )
sucrose water for injection ( Sugar too?)

In addition to those with known allergies to the above ingredients, Health Canada also urged individuals who have experienced a serious allergic reaction to another vaccine, drug, or food to speak with their health-care professional before they receive the vaccine.