New Trading Strategy

(no not Pot Stocks)

OK….The consensus here is we are in a Consolidation phase with in a Bull Market that has years to play out … in the Gold Complex .

And there’s the rub !

The Complex !

It’s complex !

Most of us want to make a killing in the PM Stocks …so we buy every time there is what appears to be a breakout and then try to hang on while it all disappears on “corrections”

Some just sit on the PMs and ride them up 100s of % and then back down again …with no exit strategy.


Anyhow its a tough game .

I try to hedge and get caught the wrong way and compound the problem.

So here’s my new Strategy

$%^*(K the Gold Stocks

Gold and Silver Miners have been THE worst investment vehicle for ever.

I will just put 80% of trading capital in plain old GLD and 20% in SLV (for the thrill seeker in me.)


I’ll let you all know how this goes in about 10 years.

No more 3X Kakamami Kamikazi bullshit rides to frustration anger and self flag u lation.

That’s for the unemotional pro’s like Rambus.

Just Plain Vanilla GLD for me ( IT’s Paper Gold ) …but so is everything else and everything else is just a leveraged version of the basic GLD.

Everything else in the “Complex” is a derivitive of Gold and ergo GLD

Some think GLD is evil. I think its the best way to play Gold.

Phys Gold ?

Ok have some but that’s not for trading….IT REALLY DOES JUST SIT THERE

Phys Silver ? ….ever try selling a bunch of it…Backbreaking experience. !

GLD with a little SLV ( on the side) ( to add the spice)

Hold until the Chart Wizards in the Community say sell….2 years 5 years 10 years ?

Its boring that I am looking for.

In and out trading is exhausting.


Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex … it takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage — to move in the opposite direction.

Albert Einstein