If only masks, lockdowns and jabs absolutely worked, we would be a in better place by now, but they don’t.  This has been dragged out far longer than it had to be.  Who would have known??????

The human race is constantly challenged by biological insults.   It’s what builds our collective immune system as a species.

Yes, we lose a lot of people every year to illness and accidents.   Can we avoid it?  Some but not all.   Nature works that way.   Culling the herd as my 95 year old dad said.   He expected to go this year.  Got his second Pfizer shot at the Independent Living centre and it landed him in bed for 5 days.   Bacterial pneumonia set in as it does at that age with no activity.  We thought we lost him.   Recovered back to normal and is as active as an old coot can be at that age.  Statistically he could go at anytime.

They did not register his reaction as an adverse Covid Vaccine reaction.  Of course not!

It is quite possible that when the RT-PCR test case by Reiner Fuellmich is settled in court, we will finally see the Dr Fauci’s and Dr Bonnie’s of the Public Health world be proven as shills for a much wider agenda.  We have to remember that the RT-PCR test was recommended by Dr Drosten to the WHO as the Gold Standard for Covid-19 testing.

All nations signed up with the WHO had to comply once this was declared a Pandemic.   I believe most PHO are useful idiots as they should have known better otherwise.  Shame on them.  Do they not have the ability to be inquisitive as many of us with lesser degrees of knowledge?    Why don’t they scour the medical literature to find what has worked and what has failed.

Lockdown Ford is way over his head and is too scared to buck his PHO.  “Political Suicide” as he declared.

I truly believe we will not see an end to this madness until the RT-PCR test for Covid is challenged in court and discredited.

An EUA for a “vaccine” can not be issued if there is an effective recognized “treatment” for the illness.  The useful idiots, media and pharma shills made sure to discredit all potential treatments to protect their early “vaccine” adoption.  That’s criminal.

One would think that finding a treatment would be more important in the short-term until a “safe and effective” vaccine is developed.  Personally I have trust in my immune system over the use of vaccines.   No annual Flu shot.   Although some, as in Polio and Smallpox, have truly made a difference in the world.

Expect our PHOs to continue down this flawed road until the foundation (RT-PCR test) is removed from their platform.

If there are serious long-term side effects (unknown at this time) I will have lost most of my liberal friends to a life of hell.

It saddens me.  There is a special place in hell for “Dr Bill Gates”.   It’s past time to just say NO.