Ever wonder how the ROYAL family and their extended tentacles, etc. are tied into THE GREAT RESET.  A well documented history starting in the late 19th century – explained in excruciating detail over an 18 page article released in 2011 via THE NEW CITIZEN magazine.

The Royal Family has long been supporters of eugenics and King Charles III co-authored THE GREAT RESET book by Klaus Schwab. He also hosted attendees during the Rio conference in 1992 that made the NWO a formal agenda (UN AGenda 21) on his yacht in 1992 during the Rio UN Agenda 21 conference where George Bush Sr., Al Gore, John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi sold America out to the globalists. The “secret” agreement of ~135 countries or so to reduce the world population by 85% – ratified again in 1994 with implementation underway since then. Ordinary citizens were not informed – of course!



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