OK guys….I’m going to jail.

They caught me red handed .

The Manipulation police are all over little crooks like me

Here’s the Story

Early this week i bought 9,000 shares of MTA.V

I have a couple of TD Waterhouse Accounts. Very good service and excellent platforms etc.

I am trading a Gold Portfolio in an RRSP Account .

The other account I trade general markets

I bough MTA.V (A gold royalty we have been discussing here) in the wrong account

So I didnt realize it for a day or two

The trade had already settled when I notice …wrong account

So…I put in an order to sell 9,000 MTA.V in one account and another order to buy it in the RRSP ( Gold ) account

Cant have King Gold mixed in with that other riff raff

Well I got a call from 2 different reps at TD . They were concerned that regulators would frown on this trade

I could be seen as manipulating the market.

I sold at 1.14 in the Market account and bought at 1.14 in the RRSP

But…the record shows ( I never knew they kept a record of exactly who sells to who for each trade)

I sold this block of shares to MYSELF . The bid was 1.13 and the ask 1.14 …so that seen as market manupilation

I explained to the first guy ( politely I think) that I just wanted it in a Gold Account and not the other general account.

He said He needed to warn me about this

I said but it must have been pure coincidence ….That I was the buyer and seller

This is a thinly traded stock .

Anyhow a second guy called me at work ! and had the same concern

This time I wasn’t as polite

Something about… Kiss my Mojo


I said…Are you F^%N Kidding me ?

You are all over a guy like me…for an honest mistake !!

Why don’t you catch the real crooks….the bigger fish. !

This is what you do for a living ?

harass small disadvantaged traders like me ?

sheesh ( yes I said sheesh to this young wippersnaper)

He said no problem Dr Fully…sorry to bother you

Then I remembered

about 20 years back i bought 100 shares of a stock I owed 100,000 shares of

it was like 3 cents bid 4 cents ask

I wanted to see what would happen

and what happened was my 100000 shares were worth 33% more all of a sudden 🙂

well i got a warning then too.

So instead of my account saying this holding was worth $3000 it said its worth $4000

But of course the bid was still 3 cents…so i couldnt have sold it for a profit anyhow.

Somehow this is not allowed !

So I am a marked man

No more getting away with manipulation.

They got their man.

Meanwhile pump and dumpsters get away with real crimes all the time. As do those shady nefarious banksters who

manipulate gold all day every day