Breast Cancer rates up 1200 Percent…Farmer Corrected…. 300%


If you are a woman, know this. The New World Order hates you.

They especially hate your body and your ability to produce and feed children. In general, vaccine injuries among women are being seen at rates as high as 8 to 1 versus men in some categories of illness. That data was according to recent research produced by Naomi Wolf. But for breast cancer where such comparisons with men are difficult to make, the numbers are awful.

In the younger cohort of ladies under age 45 where cancer is typically relatively rare, the post vaccination numbers now showing up as reported by Cancer.Org for 2023 are up sharply from what has been seen in a series of prior years (from 2019 through 2021) where the mean was roughly 26,000 cases annually. The number for 2022 came in at 47,000 but for 2023 they are already reporting estimates of 48,780. The year 2023 is not over yet.

The correlation to the vaccination program should not be in doubt.

I have mentioned this before but will say it again. If you are a women you must take extra precautions in how you manage your health. That includes taking extreme care in the kinds of vanity products you use on your skin and hair. The NWO has made you their number one target in the program to reduce fertility and thus thin the human race. You may be at extreme risk using common makeups, skin creams, soaps, hair care, shampoos, facial products and perfumes as those products may be the vectors of attack even for ladies who are not vaccinated.

Doctor Betsy Eads explains the cancer data in an interview on Greg Hunters


Editors Note :

Farmer has done great work to fact check this Doctor. Turns our she exagerated the issue …BUT it still is a BIG Issue

Brest cancer under 45 y/o

2021 26 k
2022 47 k
2023 47 k …extrapolates to over 100 k

so 300% increase …Not 1200%



2021 5 K
2022 10K

AGAIN 4X THE 2021 RATE ( 300%)