In That interview with Tucker Yesterday Dr Nehls made note that micro dosing Lithiun has been found to be very beneficial for a LOT of things including a dramatic reduction in Alzhiemers and a reduction in Spike Brain Syndrome ( I think I just coined a phrase )…” He’s not dumb he just has “Spike Brain” 🙂

Lithium is an anti Psychotic in high doses like 1200 Mg and more

He was talking about 5 mg ….It’s actually an essential mineral like magnesium and calcium etc

Turns out you can buy it online and in healthfood stores in this micro dose ( 5 mg) . Read this article if you want to know more

It’s my experience that Low doses of many different drugs can ve very benificial for al LOT of conditions

Low dose Prednisone for muscle inflamation

Low Dose Naltroxin

Low dose Tetracycline for Arthritis

Every element can be benificial or can be toxic ( poison) depending on the Dose.

Lithium is an element found in water and in some places in rocks

This article explains that places with a good level of lithium in the water naturally have far lower incidences of Alzheimers !

And incredibly Lithium is the same shit used in batteries for EVs

So maybe we should recharge our brain cells with a little lithium.

I Fully recommend 5 mg per day to keep you Bullshit detector Charged 🙂