Mathew Eret is a Canadian Historian and Geopolitical Analyst Extrodinaire . In My Mind he is one of the Most Lucent and Honest China Authorities on the Planet . He has a wealth of experience with Chinese Culture and Politics and has contacts all over China.

We collectively here at the tent have learned in the last 2 years The Russia is NOT the big bad boggeyman we were all lead to believe. Russia is NOT the Soviet Union 1950s style .

So now it’s time to Explore that other FORMER bastion of Communism and former 1950s style enemy .

What IF everything you think you know about China is WRONG.

The link below is a short sharp piece rebutting a recenty interview by Tucker with Brett Weinstein ( who as it turns out is totally out of his element when it comes to China . )

Matt Eret is a very Impressive Sinologist IMO…make sure to digest all of the links he provides if you want to KNOW the real China . And who wouldn’t ? This after all is the China Century .

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Suffice to say the same Neocons who fed us the Russia Bullshit also are feeding us the China Bullshit. It really is time to understand that These People are the Root of ALL evil in the world today . we ARE the baddies !

Note : The first 2 links are incredibly well researched but long essays. I suggest starting with the 3rd and on down for some shoter videos that will set you straight