A pet peve of mine is whenever you enter a store ANYWHERE in the Whole Freaking World…There is a Bottle with a Pump handle and you are encouraged and sometimes Demanded to use it upon entry

And…just about everybody Does so ! Often with Glee as they massage it deep into their pores and you can just see ( even thru their masks) the smugness and satisfaction of performing such virtuous ritual .

How F**KING Stupid is that ?

Everybody who enters this store who may have fecal material or snot or god knows what on their hands…touches the same pump….YUCK !

Now it turns out the shit they put in those bottles is carcinogenic and worse !


The 19 hand sanitizer products withdrawn from the Canadian market by Health Canada in October include five sold through the nationwide Dollarama chain that specializes in discount products, many of them from China. They contribute to Health Canada’s list of 194 disinfectant hand rubs recalled since last June because they contain methanol, cancer-causing acetaldehyde, and other unauthorized chemicals linked to blindness, brain damage, cancer, fetal injury, or drug-resistant bacteria.

So keep on rubbing this crap all over your hands you Freaking Covidiots !!!


How can I Poison You…let me Count the ways

Vaccines , Hand Sanitizers , Cover Your Face with Germ infested cancer causing fibers . Chemical Counter Wipes , Lock you in your house where the air has thousands of times more pathogens than the outside air .