The I Ching has been brought from China largely due to the efforts of Richard Wilhelm.

This is an ancient Chinese practice which is known as The Book of Changes which has had had influences even before Confucious. For me it is the comments – the forward by Carl Jung and devout Catholics – which led me to greater confidence in exploring this.

Jung terms synchronicity as a pivotal concept that formulates a point of view diametrically opposed to mere causality. Since the later is mere statistical truth and not absolute, it is a sort of a working hypothesis of how events evolve out of one another. Whereas synchronicity takes the coincidence of events in space and time as meaning something more than chance, namely a peculiar interdependence of objective events among themselves as well as the subjective states of the observer.

What we are talking about is quantum. What we in the West regard as statistical truths the Orientalist mind sees quite differently -the axioms of causality having been shaken. AS Jung further states what Kant failed to do in the critique of pure reason, modern physics is accomplishing. What we in the West regard as truths the Eastern mind holds synchronicity to be more of a coincidence of events.


There is much more that can be said as to this. But ponder Schroedinger’s cat or how when we observe the events of photonics the patterns are disturbed when we watch or observe.


I have found that after I employ every thing else at my disposal, through all of resources
That when I ask the I Ching with my proprietary elements with a single minded question, firmly
held, I have not been misled.