Eugyppius is a voice of reason in a cesspool of fear and doom….IMHO

Whoever this guy is …nobody seems to know….He took a several month sabbatical

while he attended whet he calls mindnumbing boring “conferences” but he is back now

What is clear is that he has PHD level skills in statistical analysis .

This new Substack formula is a terrific way to follow and inexpensively subscribe to guys like Eugyppius and another world class statistical analyst …El Gato Malo ( The Bad Cat Man)

These Two have been showing with real stats that Both sides of the Doom Porn Industry are completely over the top .

This is another piece which deserves our attention …again IMHO

Bottom Line he shows

A…Corona Virus was somewhat bad but nowhere near apocalyptical and it’s DONE

B…The Vaccines are somewhat bad as well but also nowhere near apocalyptical

c…The greatest danger we face is the RESPONSE by petty tyrant germophobic health “officials”

which is where we need to focus.

In case this is paywalled I copied it into a comment