Goldtent is full of stories …most very disconcerting…and disgusting and pathetic …It’s DEPRESSING !!! It’s Mind Numbing. It’s enough to make you CRY all day every day. Stop! and listen to THIS .

WATCH ! TAKE 5 DAMN MINUTES TO REFLECT If you don’t watch i am turning the site off and erasing all this SHIT …WATCH


A beautiful Tune with beautiful Images. On this Remembrance Day in Canada…Take a minute to reflect how far down we have Gone . (Note for those non Canadians..that Old Guy with the Goatee is Legendary Don Cherry who was the first Canadian Conservative to be CANCELLED..he was THE highest Profile Hockey Analyst in the Country ( One could say he was more influential than the PM ) and used his platform about 5 years ago to call out his disgust for “new” Canadians from all over the world who were completely oblivious and disrespectful in his eyes for NOT wearing poppy and honoring those who Fought for the freedom that these people had been seeking . Reaction was ruthless and swift and his show was cancelled…I haven’t seen or heard from him since..

In many Ways Don Cherry was a Martyr…Same personality as Trump …He was completely abandoned by his long time partner on Coaches Corner Ron McClean…who would not defend him for fear of losing his job…and from there to HERE was then inevitable So please enjoy this brilliant piece. Perhaps all is Really Lost …but Music and Culture lives on.