Ha…Microbiophobia …great name !

Dr. Ron Brown….Hero

If you intend to seek answers to these questions by interrogating a coronavirus, you better give yourself plenty of time to track down and haul one in for questioning. They are awfully busy little critters, raising families of progeny, executing daring escapes and getaways from labs, smuggling themselves across borders, wielding razor-sharp spike proteins like swords to slay targeted cells, leaping between close-contact humans in a single bound, maneuvering around face masks, waiting patiently for your scrubbed hands to become dirty again, hijacking the DNA in cells and holding cells ransom, dropping out of view during summer to vacation in undisclosed hideaways, varying their appearance to disguise themselves from vaccines, and of course, making people sick, and committing homicide.

We know these things are true because people called scientists told us so. Except some of these people really aren’t scientists at all. Take Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, for example,


Goldtenters are Immune to this disease .

We have the real stats and the real info that the 99% who get theirs from MSM do not

For me this has been the greatest benefit of doing this research and connecting with like minded individuals here and all the Great Scientists and Doctors on OUR side.

shall set you free