Respiratory virus transmission is impossible to stop — a lesson New Zealand, Hong Kong and China are still learning. Attempts to suppress the spread are futile. Such measures usually lead to unintended (perhaps, but certainly predictable) consequences that can be more devastating than the virus itself.

Normal life is upended, worsening health for those who are most ill, isolating the already lonely elderly, destroying educational and social development for children, leading to more drug and alcohol abuse and greater mental health issues. These harms go on for years and decades. None of this was mysterious or unknown. Any thoughtful, calm, rational response would have recognized these basic facts and issues. But instead we were served a hysterical, lemming-like overreaction which in the end did not protect most of the population from being infection or many from serious disease.

On behalf of the public, I would like an apology from those responsible for the disastrous handling of the epidemic response.

Our public health experts owe us a very, very large apology for seeming to be completely ignorant of basic tenets of respiratory virus disease and epidemiology. These experts and our political leaders were the worst of the worst during the epidemic, in large part because they planned and implemented the terror campaign.

In their monomaniacal obsession with Covid-19, these public health dunces also ignored the broader health of the citizenry, to which they have done immense and lasting harm. They hid data, made up data, and ignored research, all to support their beliefs, and they were just beliefs, about how best to address the epidemic. The actions of the public health authorities we are told to rely on were disgraceful and frankly all but a few should be fired.

Our medical community should apologize for complying with orders to shut off access to care for non-CV-19 patients; for refusing to consider alternative treatments which might have helped some patients; for punishing physicians and other clinicians who dared to question the official line; and for endorsing measures, like closing schools and masking children, which were known to have harmful effects which likely outweighed any benefits, and which were not adopted in many developed countries. Many medical societies and practitioners were enthusiastically anti-science–unwilling to even actually consider what the data and research were finding