Meet me at The Bottomz Inn

Holy Fook…This is Spooky !

I have used this picture of the Bottomz Inn ( a Church and graveyard) for years

Well I just took a look at it and here …well this is incredible !

My buddy who is a Brilliant Jack of all trades and I bought THIS Church in 2019 and he has been a one man band renovating it as a Home …with a loft and 30 foot ceilings…with a beauty Granny suite in the basement..It is going to be incredible…soon to be on the market .

Well..swear to god…here it is…and I never put 2 and 2 together


It up in god’s country…the highest elevation in Ontario too . Mennonites with horse and buggies in the area .

Neighbours are very quiet 🙂

The grave yard is interesting…mostly the stones have collapsed. They are from the 1850s or earlier. many inscribed with infants names and dates and toddlers .

But Holy Fook…would it be great to have a Goldbug gathering at the Bottomz Inn ? for real ?

Toomuchpower…if you are out there…chime in…You were there !