Thanks Brian

Great Deep dive into the mystery of the Disappearing Virus” that we have all know to hate all our lives.

THIS IS AN EPIC PIECE OF WORK . Brilliant . I thought I had a good understanding of Virology but this takes it to a whole new level !

For Immune System Junkies this is a Must read. Long yes But a very understandable read ! The major takeaway is …DON’T FUCK WITH NATURE. …OR NATURE WILL FUCK YOU GOOD

Think about it…How Stupid do you have to be to think you can Control the movement of a virus . It’s like trying to control Air. That’s the problem with these Globalist Leftardos…The NEED to Control EVERYTHING…it’s a disease ! Same with Climate…What kind of Human thinks he can control the Climate …or thinks he needs to ? Like the man says..Virus is gonna Virus and Climate is gonna Climate and there is NOTHING you can do about it except keep your immune system as strong as possible for as long as possible…and party on ! And another thing …the same Control Freaks want to control every Human and every animal and plant on the planet …and control all our thoughts too…They will of course fail miserably just as they have with the Virus . Humans gonna Human !