We are on a roll !

Collectively this Community of Chart Loving Goldophiles have nailed this thing.

From Plunger to Rambus to Spock to Surf City …as well as the gang here at the Tent featuring Northstar and Friends and of course Jordan Roy Byrne the COT Slayer !

Now….Because it’s not often you get instant manifestation / gratification in this game we play

I am taking the liberty……….Here is ONE !

24 hours ago I posted this chart on the left…..This chart on the right is Today’s

So there it is ! Instant Gratification ! In the form of that tinsy weensy little dot printed today. 🙂

Next up is the first fib and previous top where we will get a bounce in favor of Gold before eventually breaking thru towards the next support

Note the confidence in the above projection 🙂

Goldtent is great but there is much more insight to be had at our sponsor sites.

And now that you are all getting rich from this rich TA you have’t got the excuse that you can’t afford them .

Just sayin.


For the new readers here. …Thanks for checking in ….The word is getting out….Goldtent is the anti permabull Gold site.

Honest 2 way analysis…No Permabulls here ! see the Mission on the top of the sidebar.

We suffered through the brutal correction circa 2011 to 2018. 7 years in the wilderness.

But we hung together….didn’t loose collectively too much precious capital thanks to Rambus and All…..and now we are feeling pretty good ! 🙂

Personally learning to chart has been one of the most rewarding experiences !

It is ever fascinating and greatly increases our understanding of the markets so we can actually be amongst the few who make money playing “the most difficult game on the planet”

One guy we take for granted is this guy….Stockcharts ( and others) is an amazing toolbox of neverending real time information…Here is what it’s founder has to say about Technical Analysis.

The illusion of randomness gradually disappears as the skill in chart reading improves.”
~ John Murphy

Thank you John …it certainly does.


Oh…for those new to gold markets …this chart is the ratio chart for the Gold ETF divided by the Silver ETF

A real rip roaring gold rally can only occur when Silver is moving faster than Gold.

So we have all here been watching this ratio waiting for TODAY !

Shout out to Sir Bikoo99 who started to bring this ratio to the table a long while ago,