Sent by Chuck W with this comment .

Everybody needs to pray for this man.
He has balls of titanium.
This has to be broadcast far/wide . .
I can not emphasize it enough.
This is a remarkable piece.
A must watch to the very end.

I agree Chuck I agree

For those who do not know this man…he was one of the first Doctors ( in new York City No less) to treat his patients with hydroxychloroquine ….with incredible success …he was also quietly Trumps Doctor and was instrumental in his treatment for Covid . All of this while he himself is battling Cancer.

Doctor Vladimir Zelenko talks to Israeli Politicians and Health Minister about Vaccine

Please pass this on far and wide . It’s important to support this Brave Man


QUESTIONS TO ASK…..”Is it Safe ? Does it Work ? Do You Need it ?”

“If you have a demographic with NO risk of dying …why would you inject them with poison .”