By Dr. Denis Rancourt.  This is real scholarship.  Like in the old days when us old folks went to University.

Here’s a summary:

Very scholarly but easy to understand presentation by Dr Denis Rancourt who has done a detailed study of the effects of Covid and the Vaccines on overall deaths –deaths from all causes– in many countries during the last few years. Basically, Covid was not a serious threat to the average person’s health but the government measures: lockdowns and “vaccines” were. He calculates that the death rate for the Covid vaccines is 0.126% or one death for every 800 injections –worldwide– based on his study of over 100 countries. The vax death rate is very consistent and follows the rollouts of new doses, jumping whenever a new mass vaccination campaign is started (eg. boosters).

Some of my own conclusions… The vax must be pretty consistent worldwide if it has such a consistent death rate.  This means people from a wide variety of countries all respond pretty much the same.  So the vax kills in a very basic way exploiting a weakness which everyone, everywhere in the world shares equally.

So why is the vax, not just still being offered, but actually being promoted if we have such solid evidence on its toxicity?  Isn’t that what is so odd about this?  That the facts like evidence and data, don’t seem to really mean much when it comes to what people will do as a group (herd).