24 DIED IN 2 WEEKS and 137 “cases”



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It is reported that 7 residents died, and several coworkers suffered harm, after getting vaccinated in Dover Riverside Nursing Home in New Hampshire. First, some Facebook reports. In a December 30 post, a Facebook user says:

“This happened at a 215 bed nursing home in NH this week. Guessing they’re not at full capacity, so the mortality rate is probably higher than 2%.” Donna Judge, New Hampshire

The posts included the following anonymous shared statements:

From my LNA friend who works at Dover Riverside Nursing Home: An update on the vaccine … it was administered Monday afternoon to the residents and last night during my 3-11 shift 4 residents died. That is completely unheard of. We never even have 4 go in one day. …

She also said: Several of my coworkers had reactions and side effects as well. I’m not sure why they’re experimenting on healthcare workers. What’s going to happen when all the healthcare workers are harmed by this?

In the comments, someone states:

I think this is the same place, as my friend had posted about this. It’s actually 7 deaths since.

This same person posted the following anonymous statements from a friend:

A nurse in our prayer group shared that 4 Residence (where she works) died within 24 hours after receiving the Vaccine. You won’t hear that on the news! UPDATE… 3 more have just died who were healthy until they took the vaccine. She stated also, that her coworkers who decided to take the vaccine are having reactions. This is in NH. 7 dead and others are having reactions! And yet, no mention of this on the news. …

This is the name of the vaccine It’s the Pfizer! She said they came in during her shift from 3-11 and gave the residence this vaccine from the C19 and within 24 hours 4 of the residence died. She said it was unheard of to have 4 people die within a 24 hour period. She also said they tried to force her to get it and she refused as did some of her coworkers and the ones who did take it, a few of them are having reactions!

Also as reported in a New Hampshire website (by an author who distances himself from being an anti-vaxxer):

An anonymous source with the NH Health Care Industry has indicated to us that seven elderly patients died after receiving a vaccine COVD19. The reported cause of death? COVID19. …

The source has asked to remain anonymous but they are reporting that two patients in a Dover, NH, Long Term Care Facility (LTCF) died within 48 hours of being vaccinated. The other 5 (all vaccinated right after Christmas) died over the next ten days.

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Inside Source Says 7 Died in a Dover, NH Nursing Home After Receiving the Vaccine