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From Wild Bill ( Goldballoon )

Check out the news from Ohio

Have a look at Gates Reaction in the 2.5 minute video interview on MSM. Holy Shit !

He says basically yes 80% had a bad reaction in the Moderna Clinical Trials.. but nah..most of them didn’t have it too bad…not too many had severe pain or anything or permanent damage or anything …and don’t worry the FDA is the “gold standard” …they will protect you…if they say its ok then its OK …( guess who owns the FDA wit donations ….Holy Shit man

Pass this on to all your contacts..

Don’t be a doormat to these murderous assholes any longer…we the people can beat them . If more than 50% decide they will not take this soon coming vaccine they are beat !

You are NOT an Anti Vaxxer You are a Pro Informed Consenter !

Goldtent has a reach of at least 10,000 fiercely independent gold believers . We are truth seekers at our core

If each of you passes these important posts on to 10 GOOD people that’s 100,000 and the next 10 make 1 Million

Crisis = Opportunity

Thanks a ton Goldballoon

Wow..Did you know Bill Gates funded THIS ?

Psychopath is too weak a word