I have been watching this chart for many months and it pissed me off that the vaxxed were winning

It also pissed me off that the website kept saying “due to data glitch there was no updating of age cases by vaxx status”

I was thinking “manipulation” but then all of a sudden Bam !The Vaxx cases Exploded and the chart “inverted”

I sent him a copy and it Looks like Cat Man is very interested now.

snip 1

this is what team work looks like and it’s how we make progress.
but the conclusion here looks to be that this data (along with data from many other places) is consistent with omicron being not just a vaccine escaping variant, but one that is actually vaccine enabled


the good news is that omicron looks mild.

the bad news is that it increasingly looks like the variant that original antigenic sin (OAS) begot and this means that the vaccinated may be wide open for it in a way they would not have been had these programs not been rolled out. worse, they may NEVER be able to generate sound immunity because that’s what OAS does.