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“what if embedded in all of this is perhaps one more lie?

the greatest lie.

the one lie to rule them all.

this is the one that will come back to haunt us over and over if we do not call it out by name and lay plain its resounding lack of basis in fact.

it’s the lie they have been trying to sell of for decades and failing (or at least having only moderate success and thus wreaking only moderate havoc).

it’s the one lie to rule them all. the one lie to rule us all. the truly big lie constituting a forest that has been lost for the trees and perversely therefore winds up being reinforced by the very debate about the little lies.

and that lie is this:

pandemics are dangerous to modern societies.

because the fact is that they are not.

you cannot stop the spread of respiratory diseases.
but you can stop doing stupid and dangerous things in response to them
and it’s high time we did.
they are not going to stop trying to scare us.
it’s up to us to stop believing them.



WOW…I JUST READ IT AND WOW ! ….Aspirin Overdose killed the Young Soldiers in the 1918 “Pandemic”

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