Isn’t the most important Number …Deaths per population ?

They speak of the Case Fatality Rate… CFR ( Deaths per reported cases)

Round numbers….. 84 Million Cases worldwide and 1.8 million deaths = 2 % CFR

They speak of the Infection Fatality Rate…IFR

Multiply the cases by 10 to 20 ) to account for undetected cases ( mostly mild or zero symptoms)

Round Numbers…..840 Million to 1.7 Billion “infected” and 1.8 million deaths = .2% to .1% IFR Same as for the Flu which has mysteriously disappeared

But what about the simple calculation deaths per total population.

That was your real risk of dying in 2020 from / with covid

Round Numbers…8 Billion people on the planet (7.8 is real number) 2 Million died ( 1.8 )

.025 % is the Ultimate Fatality rate …call it the UFR .025 %

1 in 4,000

Thats 250 deaths per Million Population

And since 80% were in care homes

Call it 50 in 1 million chance you died from Covid in 2020 if you were not in a care home.

Thats ALL ages and with ALL medical conditions .

Reduce this again by a factor which accounts for all the Deaths that were NOT cause by but were “with” a positive diagnosis … And you get an insignificance that boggles the mind

There are probably a hundred things that were more lethal than Covid

And for this they Locked down the world .

For a little more clarity Some Countries of course had higher UFRs

USA UK Italy France Spain and others were around 1000 deaths per million ( 4 X higher than the World Average) ..this still translated to 200 out of a Million not in care homes .