Some ignore it because corporate media says so. Others ignore it because it sounds too demonic to be true. But there’s reality in some of the adrenochrome theories. Sifting through is the challenge.


All it takes for evil to prevail is for people to turn a blind eye and do nothing. Unless/until people value their children more than they fear authority, these diabolical forces will continue to destroy all that is sacred

“THE SOUND OF FREEDOM: Exposes The Pedophile Economy enslaving millions of innocent children around the world to a life of rape, torture and murder. Tim Ballard, former Homeland Security Special Agent confirms Adrenochrome is real. They take the children’s blood and they drink it.

The U.S. Department of Labor and the United Nations estimate that there are over 6 million innocent children who are forced into sex slavery, labor slavery and organ harvesting. It is absolutely a real thing. The United States is the number one consumer of child rape materials and close to number one in production.”

Comment…Up until ” 5 minutes ago ” I have been trying to ignore and discount this particular “story”….because it is so Demonic and Unbelievable and Unspeakable that my mind cannot accept it…BUT if we are all about shining a light into the blackness this is something we cannot hide from ….anymore…as painful and demoralizing as it may be …Is Society in General able to face this ? Not likely …Yet….but we have to start to face it and go from Ignorance to Denial to Anger to Rage to Action !

I am sorry to have to bring this “topic” to the Tent…but we each need to acknowledge it and begin to process it as best we can for the sake of millions of children past present and future …May God Have Mercy

Our innocent children are being targeted like never before Tim says. There are groups trying to get rid of the name Pedophile and call themselves Minor Attracted Persons. At the same time they are sexualizing children in schools, teachers are giving them pornography to read, things we used to be able to arrest them for in the past. Now children can consent to Transgender mutilation which will lead to children consenting to having sex with a Pedophile. Our culture is enslaving millions of children to a future life of rape and torture. If we do nothing to stop this, we are all guilty of these horrific crimes.