So we need 2 vaccinations before we are expected to have immunity ( but we may still be contagious)

OK so I get my 2 shots 3 weeks apart and 2 weeks after that I can “assume ” I have antibodies and I am immune …right

But How do we KNOW I made antibodies ?

Don’t I need a Blood test to check…is that part of the procedure…blood test 2 weeks after the 2nd shot ?

I have not heard this discussed !

And are you still going to Issue Vaccine “Passports” for just getting 2 shots without seeing if the vaccine actually worked ?

This is the equivalent of ..Everyone gets a trophy just for participating.

Sound’s more like Blackmail actually

What good is this passport if you don’t even have “Proof” you are immune..?

If you are going to issue Immunity passports why not just test anybody who asks …for the antibodyies .

If I have them I get a passport..doesn’t matter if I have them as a result of weathering an “Infection” or after being vaxxed …does it ?

And how long does the immunity ( antibodies) from the Vaxx last ?

You don’t know right ? So will Vaccine Passports expire every few months ?….or will you just assume the guy who wants to fly your airline is still ok 6 months after his Vaxx is still fine ?

What’s the bottom line here… Are you Issuing “Passes” for just taking the shot or are you issuing passes to Antibody Carriers ?

So many Questions so little Intelligence.