In a March 2013 Rambus Post…. he called “Dollar Bears Prepare to Hibernate” .

He included a chart he has called his Epiphany Chart.

I remember vividly he emailed it to me before posting and he was very excited about it.

So was I. This Fractal blew me Away !

Here it is

And NOW what has happened since that post these past 7 years ?

(My representation)

The Dollar is in a Bull Market !

The Uptrend Line is the First line in the sand

Unless that line is taken out …Prepare for D FLation

Yes I am Biased BUT there is nobody on the Planet who saw this comming in 2013 except for the Wizard of Rambus !

Apparently this chart is out there on the twitershpere with no credit to where it came from.

So now you know

PS…looking at the present chart…for the first time in Forever the 200 Month MA is not declining is flat and poised to start rising.