I should have known all along. The Sars-Cov-2 injections ruin your gut bacteria and in particular a bacteria called Bifidobacteria which can be destroyed down to a population count of zero following vaccination. The evidence was discovered by Doctor Sabine Hazan, a leading U.S. gastroenterologist. She tested a group of medical practioners before and after vaccination and came to the startling discovery. Since then she has been treating gut health in order to help return those suffering “Long Covid” back to good health.

I found the following article on the famous Solari Report. Here is a snippet and a link. There is also an hour long interview done by American Thought Leaders over on Rumble. It is certainly worth your time if you have been vaccinated and are looking for answers and possible solutions to your sudden ill health. Dr. Sabine explains in detail how the destruction of Bifidobacteria can result in poor immunity, why the loss of that bacteria may be harming babies and how the Spike Protein is the likely culprit. There is a lot of new information in the hour long video. If you are health conscious and looking for answers then this one is for you.

Hero of the Week: April 17, 2023: Dr. Sabine Hazan –   The Solari Report

“During the coronavirus so-called “pandemic,” Dr. Hazan was able to help more than 1000 seriously ill Covid patients by supporting their microbiome. Individuals with severe cases of Covid, she discovered, had almost zero viable Bifidobacteria in their gut—the beneficial species of bacteria that plays such an important role in overall health. Vitamin C and vitamin D were both shown to increase bifidobacterial colonization, and it turned out that so does ivermectin, the parasite drug deriving from the same phylum as the life-saving bacteria. (Ivermectin is a fermented product of the Streptomyces bacteria.) Could this be one of the reasons why authorities banned and vilified Ivermectin? There is no natural immunity without a healthy gut microbiome”.



Rumble Video:

The Gut Bacteria That’s Missing in People Who Get Severe COVID