This is a really detailed but fairly easy to follow analysis of Canadian Health Numbers of Covid Cases

The essay does a very good job of crunching the numbers . It shows explicitly that between Dec 4 and Jan 15 the number of cases in the Fully Vaxxed EXPLODED in Numerical terms and in Relative terms expressed as cases per 100,000. It shows that during that period a vaxxed Person was 5X as likely
to have a covid infection than an Unvaxxed person

Have a look..The Conclusion implied is that by the end of this Month vaxxed people will have completely depleted immune systems …in effect they will have AIDS ( or in this case VAIDS)

Vaccine Induced Acute Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

This seems a stretch on the surface BUT the numbers to assume this are really there….so i dunno

It’s a concern for sure…Even if everyone already got Omicron…what about all other infectuous diseases and cancers that you Immune System is designed to deal with ? Will your ability to fend these diseases off also be depleted or is this specific to Covid…?

Thanks Ray from Away ( PEI)