This is very depressing news for me.
But I have to share it here.

I am shocked and dismayed at a couple of articles I came across today .
I rarely look at anything MSM related

I picked up the Toronto Sun today and there is an article on Page 4

Canada Remains in Lockdown as US Opens up

It says many US States are Opening …even Democrat run ones like California Illinois and New York
Then its says but here in Canada Polls show that 67% believe that we should implement ALL POSSIBLE restrictions to deal with covid…


40% say their Govt has done a good job and the restrictions need to stay as long as it takes.
20% say the Govt has done a good job and restrictions can be relaxed
30% say the Govt has done a bad job and restrictions need to be tighter
10% think restrictions have been excessive and ineffective

This makes me sick to my stomach

It is NOT the Politicians after all it is the Public that is driving this maniacal hysterical reaction to the common cold….and they simply believe everything they are told by the Covidiot Public Health Cretins and their MSM Enablers.

It Turns out Canadians en mass WANT the Nanny State to take ALL freedoms away so they can be SAFE.
So they can make it Safely to their graves one day.
Living Life is NOT that important …Staying alive is the goal after all.

Then there is THIS

95% in this poll think we should Go for ZERO !!!!

I am seriously blown away by this

Canadians are a sorry sorry lot…in general they want to be locked up and safe more than they want LIFE.
They literally deserve Klaus Schwab….and that’s why we will get him .
I think the average Canadian “Conservative” is to the Left of AOC

I will keep the crusade going but this is what we are faced with.
What a useless pathetic populace we live amongst.
Indeed Sheep ready to be lead to the Slaughter.

Mexico is calling and I believe I need to Answer.