HI Goldtenters

I am writing to let you know that I really appreciate the website. I am a trader/investor in Australia and I have been investing in resource stocks and options since 1986. I used to specialise in copper share options and did quite well. I learnt that copper has wild swings and importantly history repeats itself time and again in the charts. I did best trades by recognising old patters that repeated several years apart. The best was a W base. With this I could have a plan and the best results are always with a plan. More on this in later posts.

That brings me to gold. I was looking at the charts last year and realised for Aus gold shares they were rising about Jun15 and at the same time gold was falling. I realised this was a massive buy signal and it was time to get in . About Jul/Aug15 I started buying gold AUS shares concentrating on miners with 100k oz and profit with little or no debt. By chance some of these happened to be Spocks rocks. I have been buying for about 5c-10c that are now 5 baggers. I am sitting pretty. I will keep these till the gold peaks, and no trading as its too hard to pick the turns and looking back in past bull markets they do not really fall that much (at this stage of the recovery anyway) . Aus gold charts look set for a major breakout for Aus gold shares I would say. Amazing patterns, cups and handles and flags and pendants everywhere. Aus Gold price is nearing an all time high.

Goldta was a great support to me as Gold based in Dec15 but really compared to copper, the swings and plunges in gold were minor. Copper could move 10-20% a week. There was a major bank again playing the copper market. Same old tricks.

As you guys have great charts there is not much to add there but we need to know what is happening in the physical market. I have been reading a lot of websites/blogs and mainly about Comex physical stock. I noticed they had been stocking up physical gold and now I know why as it is the only thing now that can hammer the price down. Big banks have found/leased? this gold in Europe apparently. Handy as they were 40 tons short for a while, now 20 tons and heading for a short squeeze perhaps again. Rumours are a big US bank is short gold and in trouble and *** is hammering it down with physical gold. Paper is not working to well, what a surprise?.

For US traders the Aus market may have a bonus if the USD falls as well. Looking back through history the 7 year rally is up. Lets see what happens. I will post a few Aussie gold charts for those that may be intersted. Some are making great saucer base patterns which is very bullish. All the best… Ozzie Goldfinger