The problem really and truly is that Public health Idiots do not understand nor do they care to understand that the tests that are the basis of all the false information are unreliable at best and a complete fraud at worst…and that the “deaths’ have happened primarily in 80 plus year olds with underlying health issues and even then have been “padded” for profit.

The problem is the Educational “Directors” are brain dead an incapable of doing their own research .

The Problem is these IDIOTs are not fit to tell us how to behave and what we can and cannot decide for ourselves and for our own kids.

If you have kids ( or grandkids) if possible..take them out of the public bolshevic system and figure out a way to home or private school them.

How long will you let them be subjected to this bullshit of distancing and masks and fear of getting near friends.

Can you imagine the epidemic of neuroses this Generation Z is going to have as adults.

This is sick to the nth degree