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The G7 think the sanctions are hitting so hard that Putin will be forced to sell his gold to evade sanctions to pay for things. They are literally running a script in their heads that is not actually playing out in the real world.

But, whatever, Neocons never met an ugly stick that they didn’t want to use to beat someone over the head with. Too bad all they’re doing is hitting a rubber tire.


Because here’s the gig, Russia won’t be selling any gold. They’re buying it.

These are supposed to be the architects of the global monetary system and you would think they are the ones that understand it the best. But, clearly they do not.

What they think they understand is that they still control the flow of commodities around the world through price suppression schemes on the CRIMEX, LBMA and ICE.

They do not.

Ultimately, ‘outside money’ trumps ‘inside money.’

“Austrians, like myself, have always understood that eventually Inside Money [money that exists within the financial system] fails because it is ultimately nothing more than a Ponzi Scheme built on top of Outside Money — money that exists outside the financial system, like commodities and bitcoin.”


The whole Great Reset is a way to crash the existing system but leave the same colonialists in power legally.

It’s not really more complicated than that.


That’s Nice… #GotRubles?
And that’s where pegging the ruble to gold comes in.

The Bank of Russia is now a buyer of gold at 5000 rubles to the gram, or 155,500 rubles to the troy ounce. At a Friday March 25th closing price of RUB96.62 vs. the USD that implies a gold price of $1610 per ounce.

The ruble is now freely strengthening versus the US dollar.