The Yen should be an insignificant currency with respect to Gold (Which as we know is God’s Currency ) 🙂

I mean what’s a yen anyhow. It’s like a small fraction of a US penny basically. Puny little thing !

….Look at this little piece of tin !…..

And Yet this worthless little scrap represents the currency which Drives God’s Currency


Sheesh…You know how many of those insignificant little scraps you need to buy 1 Ounce of Gold ?

¥141,453 last quote !

This is like a Flea Driving an Elephant !

OK Now that we understand this obsurdity….Look at this Chart.

Do you see a potential problem for God’s Currency ?


So…if you have a bet on gold saving you from financial destruction you better pray to your God we don’t see the Yen below 80….ever !